Age 21
Gender Female
Sexual Preference Straight
Country Philippines
Marital Status Single
Smokes No
Drinks Occasionally
Languages Spoken English


Height 0,0
Hair Color Black
Hair Length Long
Eye Color Black
Ethnicity Asian
Body Type Petite
Breast Size Tiny
Female Type Teen
Body Hair ---
Tattoos No
Piercings Yes


I’m just a typical person, trying to live life at its fullest. A simple person who loves and enjoys the simple things in life, I do what millions of people do everyday. I'm thoughtful and loving. I am a sweet person and I love surprises! I am the sort of person that when i find the one i love i am true to them, even if some time there is dout, i am a very loving person if i am shown love in return, i like friends close to me , i dont like lies, i want to know what i am told is the truth , I am exceptionally romantic in different ways. I like the idea of watching the sunset with my special someone (i hope i can find the special someone). I am very transparent. Anyone will surely be able to trace the sadness in my eyes or the joy that fills my heart. I am very sympathetic to others in need. I am appreciative and I always thank the people who have shown me great compassion in a way that they will never forget. I love giving and sharing. Making other people happy gives me so much glee. I treasure friendship. I love to share laughter with my friends and with everyone else dear to me. I love flowers, baby talks and “sweet nothings” (things which some people find irritating haha). I can easily be pleased. A piece of candy, some good news or a short love note can make my day. I totally hate liars and I am very frank that is why as much as possible, I always aim to tell the truth even if it is sometimes hard. I believe that I have a good heart but don’t ever dare abuese me! I can be “bitchy” when provoked ! Hehehe Talk or not, this is your choice, but if you prefer the first one try to be as respectful as possible. -I do talk with everybody Gold or Grey as long as that person has something interesting to say. If you see that I ignore you, then most probably you killed the conversation before even starting. -Tip or not, again this is your choice. Although I enjoy receiving tips ( and they make my broadcasting time better) I will not beg you to tip me. I cannot do this, you are not a walking wallet and definitely you are not made of money. However, if you enjoy and your desire it is to tip, it will always be highly appreciated. -Enjoy with me. I come online  five or six times a week enjoy. Seeing you by my side with nice words, jokes or tips, will make me feel better and appreciated as well - ANGEL